Welcome to ‘Our People’ page, where we proudly introduce you to some of our exceptional team members.

Behind every success story, every innovative solution, and every satisfied client, there’s a dedicated group of individuals who bring passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to their roles every day. 

Here we offer a glimpse into the talents, personalities, and stories that make up our vibrant team. From seasoned experts to rising stars, our staff members each bring their unique perspectives, skills and experiences to the table, enriching our collaborative culture. 

John Irvine
Design Engineer

I like working for a company with such a long history and well established reputation for quality manufacturing.


The culture is another big attraction. Everyone plays their part in making the company a enjoyable and exciting place to work.


Finally, the personal development and training opportunities. Bendalls are currently sponsoring my Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering, which is a great opportunity to progress my development.”

Olivia Middlemiss
Trainee Project Manager

“I am grateful for Bendalls as they have provided a unique supportive environment allowing my development to strengthen and confidence in my role to grow.”

Rachel Cunningham
Weld Coordinator

“I am proud to work for a company which is committed to progress the younger generation to allow them to become subject matter experts in their field and support them along the way to gain experience, whilst working along side a high standard client base.”