Bendalls Engineering have recently delivered a 22-tonne replacement carbon steel vessel with an internal refractory lining installation to a valued Oil and Gas client.

This project had previously been awarded to another company, however, for reasons unknown the order was retracted and awarded to Bendalls Engineering.

Bendalls have had a dedicated and hard-working team managing the project throughout to ensure it was delivered on time and made to the standards demanded.

The client will have 12 days to remove an old vessel and replace it with this one during a pre-scheduled ‘shut down’. They have recognised Bendalls commitment and dedication to the project allowing them to might this tight delivery schedule.

Pictured with the vessel are:
Mike Conley, Carl Lorimer, Jamie Bethwaite (Trainee Quality Manager), Chris Worth (Quality Compliance Manager), Mark Johnston (Production Manager), Ben McCallum, Barry Gardner, Tyler Richardson, Barry Rowlands, Stuart Graham, Mark Fell, Simon Mounsey, Peter Harley, Sean Saunders (Managing Director) and Kieran Saunders.

Well done team!