Monthly Archives: June 2024

Bright Stars Update!

Our Kingmoor Infants Bright Stars continue to shine with their mini social enterprise, ‘Kingmoor Engineers Woodland Wellbeing’! 🌳✨ Mark from Class 9 won the logo competition, and we’re thrilled to see the amazing progress of their various activities centred around the Kingmoor Nature Reserve. 📸🌿 From a writing competition to a photography exhibition, the students […]

ISO 19443 – First in the UK!

We’re proud to share that we’re the first company in the UK to receive a UKAS-accredited ISO19443 certification! 💪🏼🎉 To help us achieve this, we supported LRQA by allowing UKAS to sit in on our assessment. LRQA now have UKAS approval to deliver the standard and issue UKAS-accredited certification for ISO 19443. This milestone underscores […]

Weld Plant Investment!

Just in, 15 new top-of-the-range Fronius Perfect Welding weld plants! These advanced machines are a fantastic investment for us. The Fronius 5000 Pulse MIG/MAG offers exceptional precision in producing high quality welds, and the Fronius iWave AC/DC TIG provides versatility and control, ideal for many different materials. Its intuitive controls and stable arc ensure consistent […]