Bendalls Engineering are delighted to have completed this project for SCP ahead of schedule. The bespoke test rig, designed and manufactured here on site is pictured supporting the first two vessels. Both vessels have passed initial tests including an intermediate hydraulic pressure test to demonstrate its pressure to withstand capability up to 10 barg. They will remain here on site until the end of the year undergoing further functional test sequences to demonstrate performance in terms of operating at the required flow rates and differential pressures.

The rig and vessels have also been fitted with various instruments which monitor the performance of the testing process, giving real time results which can be evaluated by the clients engineers.

Once operational, the new-build plant will contain seven of the bespoke stainless-steel vessels which help to treat liquid waste, acting as the ‘kidneys’ of the Sellafield Ltd site filtering out radioactive material before being safely discharged to sea.

Well done to all involved, the collaborative approach with all parties throughout has permitted a highly demanding project to be delivered on time, to the highest quality.  

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