In 2012 we became the first company in the UK to be granted the Sellafield Supplier Approval Certificate, which we have upheld continuously since then.
Today, Dave Tomlinson and Gary Rushforth from Sellafield Ltd visited to present us with our latest cert, which is the result of a rigorous audit conducted by three Sellafield supply chain experts and is a confirmation of our steadfast commitment to meeting the highest standards.

The audit scrutinised ten separate areas of our operations, ensuring alignment with the criteria set out in the SLM 4.06.02 Contract Quality Requirements and ES_0_5391_2 Specification. The lead auditor stated that the audit team had been able to reduce the scope of the audit based on the high KPI results held for us by Sellafield, which demonstrates a consistently high level of performance and commitment to learning from experience.
Our company also emerged as the sole recipient of a flawless 100% score. This accomplishment stands as a testament to the relentless effort and dedication exhibited by every member of our team.
Pictured from left to right – Gary Rushforth (SL) , Malcolm Riley (Quality Manager, Bendalls), Jamie Bethwaite (Quality Compliance Manager, Bendalls), Dave Tomlinson (SL) and Sean Sunders (Managing Director, Carr’s Engineering UK)

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